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an experiential screening

I received an Arts Grant form the City of Melbourne to present my short film 'Adult' as part of an immersive installation.

I designed the experience to further connect the audience with the main character's journey, recreating the physical spaces of the film in the installation.

The audience - 5 people at a time - entered from a city street into a reconstruction of a 90's adult store. From here, they passed through a dark room - a sort of liminal space of memory and fear - before finally coming to a reconstruction of the main character's living room. This is where the audience would then sit and watch the short film.   

In September 2016, I presented the work over 5 nights at Dark Horse Experiment Gallery.  

In March 2017, Melbourne Queer Film Festival invited me to restage the installation at Testing Grounds, where the screenings 
sold out over three nights. 

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